Blocked Drain Plumber in Melbourne

Are you searching for a qualified blocked drain plumber in Melbourne who can unclog your drainage system fast? If yes, then, you’ve come to the right place. At Coxs Plumbing Services, we use industry-standard techniques and the latest technologies for clearing jammed drains. With our 20 years of experience in the Australian plumbing industry, we can easily identify problems and fix them efficiently.

Do you know blocked drainage pipes can pose serious health issues? If not cleaned on time, they become the breeding grounds for waterborne diseases, posing a risk for occupants. Our team prioritises getting to the bottom of what caused the blockage. This helps us to offer you the most effective solution, that too at competitive rates. From larger homes to high-rise multi-storey towers, we can handle all kinds of property drainage systems. Our cleaning specialists are trained to provide the following services:

  • Dislodging build-ups in pipes including rocks, debris, and sludge
  • High-pressure cleaning of drains and tanks
  • Clearing and cutting tree roots that are damaging adjacent pipes
  • Cleaning retention basins and tanks
  • Clearing any pipe or drain blockage

How Our Blocked Drain Plumber in Melbourne Can Resolve Your Issues?

An overflowing drainage system can be extremely frustrating, especially if you don’t know the techniques to fix the problem. That’s why, we advise you to hire an experienced blocked drain plumber in Melbourne. When you contact us to fix blockages, our team will immediately get on the job. They will reach your location as soon as possible and thoroughly inspect the issue. In special cases, we will use CCTV cameras to assess the amount of blockage in the drain. Accordingly, we will figure out a long-lasting and efficient solution.

Blocked Drains

Our trained plumbers use the latest hydro-jetting technology to clean your clogged drains in no time at all. All the blockages in your pipes and kitchen sinks will be flushed away to get rid of any potential mess. Rest assured, Coxs Plumbing Services provides complete solutions to take care of all your drainage system needs in the fastest way. Our experts promise to deliver exceptional results as they take care of the following minute details:

  • Fatty substances: Grease and fat build-ups are some of the most common causes of blocked drains. However, you can easily prevent them. These substances mostly come from kitchen residue. They get stuck to the walls of the drain pipe, solidify, and form a mortar that is difficult to remove. We use mild drain cleaner or super hot water to help soften the solidified fat within your kitchen drains or sinks.

  • Hair and soap scum: Froth from soap and hair get washed down your shower every single day. A few other tiny substances or imperfections can add to this combination and stick to the drain wall. They accumulate over time and result in a blocked shower drain. Our team equips essential tools to remove hair and soap clogging. If there is an excessive blockage, we use a sewer jet to clear the system.
  • Foreign objects: Some common objects like sanitary items, nappies, and soap can obstruct a smooth drainage system. If you have young kids at home, there are high chances of toys and other substances being thrown down the toilet. It causes build-ups and eventually results in a blocked toilet. We carefully check the root cause of the blockage and simultaneously use toilet block cleaners to resolve the problem.
  • Garden debris and leaves: Have trees in your backyard or through the sewage lines? Then, you are most likely to experience clogged drains regularly. Falling leaves that wash down the drain can create build-ups that lead to drainage clogging. The plumbers at our company use a shovel to scoop up the rubbish as much as they can. Then, they employ wet and dry vacuuming to ensure all the debris, dirt, and leaves are removed from the sewage.

  • Tree roots: Did you know tree roots can crack your pipe and get into the drainage system in search of moisture? They are one of the toughest to deal with. We employ hydrojetting equipment to break down the roots and flush them out of the pipe. Worry not, this method is effective even for removing larger roots that have caused substantial damage to your drain pipes. You can also flush the chemicals down the line to prevent the growth of the roots.
  • Poor workmanship: The quality of your drainage system has a greater impact on blocked drains. If your pipes or drains have been installed by amateurs, then they will be more prone to damage and frequent blockage. Our blocked drain plumber in Melbourne can access your drainage system and will offer relevant solutions to improve the systems.

  • Toilet paper, toilet wipes and wet wipes: The toilet flush system cannot magically remove all the toilet paper flushed down over the years. Wet wipes or toilet paper are usually labelled as flushable materials, but they do not easily break down. We use essential cleaners and a toilet plunger to dissolve or eliminate these materials in the drainage.

  • Burst pipes: Damaged pipelines create an uneven surface. Eventually, the household waste sticks to it, blocking the entire system. Sometimes earthworks, gardening or landscaping on your property can cause cracked pipes. If you are dealing with broken pipe issues, let Coxs Plumbing Services fix them immediately. Our professional team can perform permanent repairs and give you peace of mind.

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Blocked kitchen, bathroom, or toilet drains can interrupt your schedule. Surprisingly, the problem occurs when you have a busy day or an important event at home. Regardless of time, call our expert assistance if you are stuck with a blocked drain. We, at Coxs Plumbing Services, are available 24/7 and can swiftly reach your location to offer you immediate relief. To offer our clients the finest service, our emergency plumbing services are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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