Hot Water System Services in Melbourne

Over a quarter of your household-energy consumption goes towards hot water system for your bathroom, laundry and kitchen. When you choose an efficient water heating system, you will be able to save a significant amount of energy and money. If for any reason the system suffers a malfunction, you need to get it fixed immediately or have a Hot Water System Installation done. This will prevent exorbitant energy bills as well as expensive repairs down the road.

Coxs Plumbing Services specialises in hot water system repair and hot water system installation in Melbourne. We are experienced plumbers capable of fixing any issues you face with your water heating system. Be it a faulty thermostat, gas leaks, burst pipes, or anything else, we will be there to fix it. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we handle all kinds of plumbing issues and offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services as well.

hot water system
hot water system

Types of Hot Water System

Choosing a hot water system is a key decision that will have an impact on your hot water usage for quite a long time. You need to spend some time researching your options. Careful design and installation will help you prevent a lot of heat loss and reduce energy consumption. We work with the following types of hot water systems regularly:

  • Solar Hot Water Systems
    Solar hot water systems use solar panels and collectors to absorb energy from the sun. The water is heated as it passes through the collectors, which then flows into an insulated storage tank for later usage. They can cost more to buy and install but over time they significantly reduce your energy bills. Our team is experienced in installing and maintaining these systems for optimal performance.
  • Electric Hot Water Systems
    Electric hot water systems in Australia meet the minimum energy performance standards. These heaters will be cost-effective for households with lower hot water requirements. You can use electric water heaters with solar PVs to reduce energy bills. If your system requires any repairs to the pipes of the electrical systems, contact our team immediately. Do not attempt any repairs as it can be very dangerous and must be handled by trained professionals only.
  • Gas Hot Water Systems
    These systems will heat a tank of water faster compared to electric systems. They are a cost-efficient option if you frequently require large quantities of hot water. Coxs Plumbing services can repair any gas pipe leaks or replace the entire system completely if required.
  • Instant Hot Water Systems
    Continuous flow hot water systems will instantly heat the water and you can use them whenever required, but they will not have a storage tank. They are more energy efficient and generally cheaper than the other storage units that have storage tanks and lose heat over time.
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
    Heat pump systems do not generate heat directly. Instead, they use electricity to move the heat from one place to another. They are one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gas and often the cheapest option. They need only one-third of the energy required by electric storage systems.

Regardless of the type of hot water system installed at your property, we have the technical expertise and the equipment to perform safe repairs or replacements. We will ensure that that issue is fixed properly the first time. You can rest assured about the quality of our workmanship as we do not compromise with quality at any point.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Hot Water System

The right water heating system will provide hot water for your household without many issues. Apart from the usual maintenance checks, you need not stress much when you have picked a system that is perfect for your needs. In order to choose the best hot water system that matches your requirements, you need to consider the following:

  • Size of your household : The number of people living in your house will determine the size of the hot water system you will need. Think about the hot water usage pattern in your home.

  • Available Space: If your home has a complex layout or less space, installing a big system may not be possible.

  • Budget: You will have to consider both the installation and operating costs of the hot water system before making a choice. The energy requirement of the hot water system will impact your energy bill for years to come.

  • Local Climate:Considering the local climate will help you choose an efficient system and save money. For example, if you live in a sunny location with ample sunlight for most days of the year, solar hot water systems will be the best choice.

  • Multi-residential developments: A large and cost-effective solar water heating system can be combined with gas boosters or insulated electric storage tanks to cater to the needs of multiple households.

How to Save on Energy Bills?

We have listed a few points to help you reduce your hot water usage and save more energy and money.

  • Install water-efficient taps and shower heads
  • Use eco settings in your washing machine and dishwasher
  • Keep the mixer taps in the cold water setting when hot water is not required
  • Choose water-efficient appliances
  • Turn off the hot water system when going on holidays
  • Avoid setting continuous flow hot water systems at more than 50 degrees Celsius, as this wastes a lot of energy