Hot Water System in Melbourne

A constant supply of hot water is essential for any household.  If you are thinking of installing a robust heating system in your home, we’ve got you covered. Coxs Plumbing Services specialises in repairing and fitting hot water systems in Melbourne. We are experienced plumbers capable of fixing any issues you face with your heating appliances. Be it a faulty thermostat, gas leaks, burst pipes, or anything else, we will be there to fix it.

Over a quarter of household energy consumption goes toward heating systems installed in your bathroom, laundry, and kitchen. That’s why, efficient hot water system installation plays an essential role in saving a significant amount of energy and money. If for any reason your heater is malfunctioning, call our 24-hour emergency plumbing services. We will repair the issue immediately, or if needed, install a new one hassle-free. With our exceptional service, you can prevent exorbitant energy bills as well as expensive repairs down the road.

hot water system
hot water system

Types of Hot Water Systems We Provide

Choosing the right hot water system in Melbourne is a key decision as it will impact your electricity usage. You need to spend some time researching your options. Besides, careful design and installation will also help prevent a lot of heat loss. At Coxs Plumbing Services, our plumbers are well-versed in the following types of water heating systems:

  • Solar Powered Systems:  Our professionals use solar panels and collectors to absorb energy from the sun. The water is heated as it passes through the collectors. It then flows into an insulated storage tank for later usage. Although the initial investment may be substantial, over time you’ll find a notable reduction in your energy bills. Our team is experienced in installing and maintaining these systems for optimal performance.
  • Electric Hot Water Appliances: These systems meet Australia’s minimum energy performance standards. If you have less requirement for hot water, then these are the cost-effective options. Electric heaters use solar PVs to reduce energy bills and are the best for households with lower hot water requirements. If your system requires any repairs to the pipes of the electrical systems, contact our team immediately. Do not try to attempt it yourself, as it can be very dangerous and must be handled by trained professionals only.
  • Gas Hot Water Systems: Compared to electric ones, these systems heat a tank of water faster. They are a budget-friendly option if you frequently require large quantities of hot water. Coxs Plumbing Services can repair any gas pipe leaks or replace the entire system completely if required.

  • Instant Mechanism Heaters: These systems offer a continuous hot water supply without a storage tank. This mechanism makes them more energy efficient. Furthermore, they are generally cheaper than the other storage units that have storage tanks.

  • Heat Pump Hot Water Units: Without generating heat directly, these systems use electricity to move the heat from one place to another. They are one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gas and often the cheapest option. The best thing is they need only one-third of the energy as compared to electric systems.

Regardless of the type installed at your property, we have the technical expertise to perform safe hot water system repairs in Melbourne. We will ensure that that issue is fixed properly the first time. You can rest assured about the quality of our workmanship as we do not compromise on that at any point.

We Provide Reliable Solutions for Hot Water Systems in Melbourne

Water heaters are important appliances in a property. When it fails unexpectedly, it can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners. During those circumstances, a quick replacement or repair of your hot water system in Melbourne is the only solution. We are your local, licensed and insured water heater installation professional who can assist you with any emergency. Here is what is included in our service:

  • Fixing Broken Dip Tubes: Our hot water system repairs involve rectifying the damaged pipes that carry cold, fresh water from the supply. A broken dip tube is one of the most common factors for a sudden drop in the heated water supply. However, it’s the most simple task that we can fix.
  • Repairing the Thermostat: Another common indicator of a decrease in your hot water supply is issues with the lower or upper thermostat. We first reset the device to check whether it’s working. If not, our professionals will replace it with a new one in no time.

  • Replacing a Faulty Burner: Some gas-powered hot water systems in Melbourne can encounter issues with their burner. If it’s having trouble igniting, it’s likely there is rust in the burner or dirt across its surface. Besides, its heating power can be affected due to blockage in gas flow. Since repairing a burner is a risky job, trust only an experienced technician like us. We assess the situation and provide the most ideal solution.
  • Changing Failed Heating Components: Many elements in heaters are susceptible to damage. For example, electric-powered systems use two components inside the tank to raise the water’s temperature. If one or both of them burns out, you’ll experience cold or lukewarm water coming from shower heads and taps. Our repair technicians can easily replace the broken element in the water tank and get it back to work.
  • Installing a New System: When our professionals feel like the heater is beyond repair, they recommend a replacement. A new hot water system installation will definitely be a smart choice if the cost of repairs is expensive. Rest assured, we will complete the job that will exceed your expectations.